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Aug 11, 2019

Best Investment Countries For Real Estate

Kathleen Peddicord, the publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, identifies these five far-flung places where an expat can find it all, meaning a beautiful place in the sun with rental income possibilities and investment potential:
  • - Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires or the Mendoza wine region. Timing is all-important here, because of Argentina’s economy, and its real estate prices, have wild ups and downs.
  • - Istanbul, Turkey, because Turkey’s economy and its capital are booming after a long dormant period.
  • - The Dominican Republic, because this newly popular Caribbean destination is still way cheaper than neighboring islands.
  • - Malaga, Spain, because it’s the heart of the Costa del Sol, and thus should recover first as Spain’s economic gains in strength.
  • - Medellín, Colombia, because miracles happen, even in once-notorious drug trafficking centers in Colombia.
Best Real Estate Country Investment Opportunities
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